Have you ever imagined a place so remote, so beautiful, so untouched by humanity, that could offer you peace and escape from the every day hustle and bustle of the city? Have you ever dreamt of coming "home" to that place? Well now you can, come enjoy English Lake! We will offer you all the excitement and adventure of the great outdoors with a sprinkle of serenity and relaxation that you have never experienced before. Now you can come and escape to our world, our place where you will be an honored and esteemed guest as we explore the wilderness. Drink in the beauty of the land as the fish jump and eagles soar above.

There are many activities to enjoy and all your needs and desires can be met. The fishing is spectacular with bites every few minutes. Hiking is also unlike other places, with the rocks and hills offering you a journey where your feet may be the first to ever step on this pristine land. We will quide you to where man has not yet been. Hundreds of birds, owls, animals and eagles await as the sounds and smells relax your tired body, mind and soul. Let us introduce the way nature was intended to be enjoyed. Untouched, unspoiled and unlike any other place on earth you've ever been to. Call us to book an unforgettable vacation. We look forward to welcoming you to our paradise!











To contact us by phone, call (204) 336-0910.

Here is the location of English Lake Outfitting.
From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada you can use your car up to Manigotagan. That will take you about 2.5 hours
After that we take care of you. That is because you need to use an Argo (as per picture above)
then you have to take a boat. This part will take approximately one hour.